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About HCS

Hardin County Strong is the state and federally recognized long term recovery team serving Hardin County. We are a team of volunteers dedicated to helping those who were uninsured or underinsured when impacted by a natural or man-made disaster in Hardin County. Some examples of long-term recovery initiatives include Tropical Storm Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda, the COVID crisis, Hurricane Laura, and most recently, Winter Storm Uri.  

As a service organization, our goal is to work together and in partnership with other organizations and groups, to bring our community back to pre-disaster levels. We are part of the state and national VOAD and have many strong partnerships with organizations across Texas and the United States, whose mission is disaster recovery driven. We coordinate resources to help families and individuals impacted by disaster. 

If you need help, please contact us and we'll walk you through the process of recovery.

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