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Our Board Members

  •  Rev. Arthur Smith, President 

  •  Butch Holmes, Vice-President

  •  Sharon Jacobs, Treasurer

  •  Belinda Trest, Board Director

  •  Harvey Zernial, Board Director

  •  Rebecca Gardiner, Board Director


Michelle Brewer

Executive Director

Our Executive Board was appointed by County Judge Wayne McDaniel. This boad is dedicated to the disaster recovery efforts of Hardin County for the long-term. They are hard-working community leaders and business owners of high character, with a desire to serve Hardin County with tenacity and compassion. They have formed a long-term recovery effort of high integrity and without bias. 

Our Volunteer Committees 

Our committees are 100% volunteer driven. Volunteers serving on these committees play an active role in recovery and support the disaster recovery effort in Hardin County long-term. During times of disaster, these committees meet regularly and work with the Executive Board and Executive Director to support recovery efforts and planning. We appreciate our volunteers! These individuals play vital roles in helping our communities recover from disaster. 

County Partnerships

  • County Judge Wayne McDaniel

  • Aaron Tupper, Hardin County Emergency Management Coordinator

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