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"When natural disaster strikes, we are moved with compassion for the victims."

-- HarvestCall

Hardin County recovered from Harvey because partner organizations with a heart for recovery, both local and across the United States, SERVED. One of those partners was a volunteer-based group called HarvestCall Ministries. HarvestCall chose Hardin County for their 2019 Winter Project. This means that they dedicated to spend 3 months with us, repairing, rebuilding and ministering to Harvey-impacted households. HarvestCall brought with them over 500 skilled and non-skilled volunteers. The team housed at Crestwood Baptist Church and in donated motor homes parked at Silsbee RV Park. HarvestCall served numerous Hardin County families and completed over 20 major repair projects. In addition, HarvestCall built six (6) new construction homes in 90 days. These six (6) homes replaced floodwater-destroyed homes belonging to vulnerable Hardin County households. 

HarvestCall’s purpose is to proclaim Christ and serve others beyond the capacity of the local church. Please join us as we strive to alleviate suffering and despair around the world by sharing

Jesus through words of truth and deeds of compassion.

Being involved with the HarvestCall Team was one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences we had as a long term recovery group. HarvestCall came to us when we were fragile and hurting. They embraced our entire community, bringing great hope and extending great compassion with no judgement. They also embraced Hardin County Strong. They provided encouragment, wise guidance, experienced direction and prayed for us every day. We learned so much from their strong work ethic, daily dedication to God's Word and Plan, their honest communication, and the commitment they had to the unmet needs of our post-disaster households. HarvestCall, we will never forget you! 

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