Do you need help?

If you are a home owner in need of home repair due to damages caused by disaster the first step is to make application for assistance.  Please note:  this is not the same as registering for disaster assistance with FEMA, or registering to apply for an SBA disaster loan.


If you have difficulty accessing the online application please call (409) 209-5400 


Due to high demand for services and limited financial resources, the following criteria will be utilized for eligibility:  

  • Low-income residents who are: over 60 years, disabled, single parents with children in the home, households with underage children and/or US honorably discharged veterans

  • Households must provide proof of income and demonstrate significant financial need

  • Households must have exhausted all available personal resources (FEMA grants, flood insurance, personal resources/savings) or have a plan for how those resources were or will be utilized)

  • Homes must be the homeowner's primary residence; proof of ownership is required. WE DO NOT REPAIR RENTAL PROPERTY OR PROPERTY THAT WAS VACANT AT THE TIME OF THE DISASTER. 



We fund rebuild projects because we want to see houses restored so that families can return home and begin their new normal.  However, our funding often has restrictions, are closely monitored, and have frequent reporting requirements set by our donors.  Duplication of benefits is closely monitored from all sources (Federal and non government organizations) and requires that we do our due diligence when spending the money they entrust us with.  When households spend FEMA dollars given to them to assist with their recovery on unapproved items, it prevents us from helping with their rebuild. The houshold that misspent the funding could also be required to repay FEMA. FEMA dollars have an intended purpose:  disaster-related expenses.  Don't spend FEMA money frivolously and make sure to keep receipts and other proof that supports appropriate spending.  Click HERE to be directed to a FEMA fact sheet on disaster related expenses.


If available, please present your FEMA eligibility letter(s) stating approved spending to your Case Manager.  Your letter(s) may also be posted online on the FEMA disaster assistance portal in your account under correspondence; FEMA can also mail a copy of your letter if you call them at (800) 621-3362.