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Hardin County Strong has designed and launched a phone app to help Hardin County households before, during and after a disaster. The application contains disaster preparedness information such as a Storm Preparedness Checklist, tips on how to prepare your home prior to a storm, why homeowners and flood insurance is so important and how to access it, and reminders to do things like checking in with, and offering preparedness help to elderly and vulnerable neighbors. Tutorials have been created to offer guidance through post-disaster recovery, along with reminders about personal safety and contractor fraud. One of the greatest features of the app is the alert/push notification capabilities. When users enter their cell phone number, they are registering for important notifications and alerts from Judge McDaniel or our Office of Emergency Management, which are relevant to storm preparedness or disaster recovery. These alerts can be sent and received in a moment’s notice. The app is free and can be downloaded by clicking the links above or by using the displayed QR codes for Apple and Android to the left. 
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