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VOLUNTEERS ARE A KEY PIECE TO DISASTER RECOVERY. Volunteers allow us to stretch donor dollars so that more households can be served through our recovery initiatives. Volunteers perform tasks that help alleviate expensive labor costs. Disaster Recovery is a big job and we can't do it alone. It requires many people with many different skills and personalities, coming together and working together with the same goal - to help people get back home. 


Fun Fact: Disaster recovery volunteers are typically over 60 years of age and retired.


Because this is the most COVID-vulnerable age group, now more than ever we need younger folks with a heart for volunteerism and a commitment to serving others who need help. 

Volunteering for Hardin County Strong is FUN! It always feels good to be on the giving end vs. the receiving end. And it gives you a chance to meet new people and build relationships with others in your community who have the same likes and interests. 


Hardin County Strong volunteer work is fulfilling and meaningful! Please consider us when choosing to volunteer locally. We have many ways for you to be involved with our programs and initiatives. 


To volunteer call (409) 209-5400  or email hardincountystrong@co.hardin.tx.us.   

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